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​When Eagles Soared is a work of fiction – the story is adapted from, inspired by, and based on the author’s best recollection of actual events throughout the novel. When Lou Surber Osborne, a rookie teacher, and coach, is hired to coach a losing elementary football team, he quickly realizes the challenges ahead of him. While living his dream, Lou must balance the fragility of everyday life. Manny, his best friend, returned from Vietnam disabled and must him cope with his troubled marriage and uncertain future. While courting Jenni, he must share as much time with Old Moocher, the aging family Dachshund. Music of the era was a big part of Lou's life in this heartwarming, inspiring story of an incredible football season no one could've predicted.


The Road to Anywhere is a fictional story based on the lyrics to Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw. Bestselling author, CW Osborne, begins his latest novel about a young man, Alex Whitaker, in his thirties that discovers he has a terminal illness. Knowing he doesn't have long, he buys a motorhome and embarks on a bucket list journey with his cat, Rambo. His bucket list is unique and different. While writing the novel, CW is diagnosed with a terminal illness himself.  So, his latest novel becomes about his journey or the road to anywhere. He doesn't have a bucket list but embarks on a journey where he will create this bucket list as he lives it. His cat, Simba, is along for the ride. Simba is unique in that he can speak human. The people he meets and the experiences with them become his bucket list. CW, who was adopted, as a baby also searches for his birth parents. This novel is in the process and no publication date is known at this time. Check back from time to time for updates on this inspiring story.

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