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​In the first novel, Carla is thrown into this case involving the murder of the local newspaper publisher. His replacement, Walt Blevins, wants to help her solve the case. Although he has a law enforcement background, Carla reluctantly enlists his help. Together they tackle this murder mystery with many twists and turns.

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Quandary ML.jpeg

In the second novel, Carla and Walt team up again to rescue Laura Watson, her best friend, and Walt's fiance. John Dickerson knows where Laura is being held and challenges Carla to find his wife and son. They are in a witness protection program. The bargaining chip is Laura's release.  Carla must navigate John's psychotic game of cat and mouse. This spellbinding murder mystery is a thrill ride.

​In this novel, Penny Miracle disappeared in the summer of 1997. The case laid dormant for fifteen years until the police’s forensic psychologist Beth Pendergast, Penny’s childhood friend, re-opened the case after being hired. Beth, Carla McBride, and Bernie Kowalski are thrust into action to solve this cold case that has haunted each of them since that day. Although living in the same community, their paths never crossed since that horrible summer day. And now, as they seek truth and redemption as a team, their lives will never be the same.  It's an intriguing mystery with many twists and turns as well as an ending you will not see coming.

Incumbent City Commissioner Bryan A. Walters had just lost his re-election bid after seven consecutive terms in office. Now he is missing. His son requested Detectives Carla McBride and Bernie Kowalski to investigate his disappearance. Upon searching his home, the shocking discovery inside left them dumbfounded and confused. As the case progressed, it would become their most challenging and bizarre case ever. Quandary is a mesmerizing, page-turning mystery full of twists and turns with an ending you will not see coming.
Enigma ML.jpeg
McBride, Kowalski, and Pendergast's patience and experience will be tested once again in the reopening of a twenty-year-old Jane Doe cold case. As soon as their investigation began, they were thrown a major curveball that would take them well beyond their beloved community of Oakmont. There are many twists and turns in the unraveling of this mystery that will keep you turning pages with an ending that will shock you. Publishing March of 2023.
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